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Making Materials Matter

Developing Advanced Materials
For Your 3D Printer

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Research and Development

Experimenting with a variety of core components and finding ways to bring new chemistry to 3D printing applications is the heart of what we do


We take the best materials out of R&D and turn them into filaments and UV curable resins for 3D printers

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Whether you are a 3D printer user or a distributor, get direct access to our newest products and our customer support in our store

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Latest User Prints

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User feedback:

"The prints come out looking almost indistinguishable from PLA except
far stronger"

-Nick F.

"I don't know what sort of black magic you guys practice, but I'm pretty sure I found the best filament in the world"

-Nick C.

Recent Press

Printing with the Best

Our vision is to advance the capabilities of 3D printers through better materials. We balance our products with superior mechanical properties while promoting its ease of use. With the help of early beta users and a crowdsourcing campaign, we have been able to release several products that give 3D printer users access to advanced materials.

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