3D Printing Material Designed for Investment Casting

  • Easy To Work With

    Lower viscosity allows for easier handling and cleaning of your prints

  • No Ash

    Formulated to leave no ash or residue after burnout

  • Printer Compatibility

    Compatible with a variety of SLA/DLP Printers, including B9 Creator,
    Deep Imager 5, Asiga, and Form1

A Resin That Burns Like No Other

FireCast Resin is the latest development from the MadeSolid Lab. This resin is designed specifically for investment casting resin. Prints burn out clean with little to no ash. There is little thermal expansion during the heating phase.

Shrinkage is minimal from printing and post-curing until burnout. Many SLA and DLP printers are compatible with FireCast Resin including the Deep Imager 5 and Form1.

The resin is less viscous than most other resins and is easier to clean out from vats and off prints. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to change their printer to allow for casting parts

Printing & Burnout Details

Heat Schedule

Heat Schedule made for 4 inch flask, 7 inches deep
Download Heat Schedule

How FireCast Burns Out

FireCast Resin has two burn stages which are necessary for the cleanest burnout. The first stage is the initial combustion of the resin, where the majority of material is removed.

The second stage serves to remove any residual carbon from the original outgassing phase.

Recommended Investment

// Satin Cast
// Satin Cast Xtreme
// Ultra-Vest

Printing and Burnout Tips

// Be sure prints are fully cleaned in IPA and post-cured with UV light (Cleaning Tips)
// If your print feels soft or spongy, expose the print to more UV light to harden it.
// Please follow the heat schedule. Incorrect heat schedule can expand and may damage your final product.

Technical Data