MS Resin

An easier to work with bold colored resin
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  • Easy to Clean

    Lower viscosity allows for removal from vats and prints easier

  • Multiple Colors

    Sharp colors come in Black, White, Red, and Blue

  • Printer Compatibility

    A number of SLA/DLP printers are compatible with MS Resin, including the Form1, B9Creator, Little SLA, and Deep Imager 5

A Unique Finish

MS Resin is a new formula that expands what is possible with your printer. Our formula is crafted to not be limited to a single printer - many SLA/DLP printers are compatible with MS Resin including the Form1. The final surface texture has a unique matte finish.

The resin is less viscous than most other resins and is easier to clean out from vats and off prints. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to explore superior material options for their UV Curable Printer.

Spectrum of Colors

Technical Data

MS Resin MSDS: View MS Resin MSDS Sheet
Printer Settings: View MS Resin Printer Settings