PET+ Filament

Easy like PLA. Strong like ABS. More Flex than Both.

  • Engineering Grade

    High quality filament that balances superior mechanical properties and ease of use

  • Flexible Strength

    More flexible strength than ABS or PLA. Excellent for Wearables and Prototypes

  • Universal Compatibility

    1.75mm and 3mm sizes, PET+ is suitable for most FFF Printers. Check full list here

Superior Mechanical Properties

  • Strong and Flexible

    Great for prints that need to be tough and won't break as easily

  • 100% Recyclable

    PET is one of the most convenient plastics to recycle

  • Easy Adhesion

    Sticks to blue painters tape, glass, and heated beds

  • Hydrophobic

    Doesn't absorb water like nylon does

Spectrum of Colors

Happy Customers

"Once my rolls of ABS are all gone this will be all I use"

-James C.

Printed Vase and Flowers using Clear PET+

"Your PET+ has become my go to filament"

-Dave K.

Printed Vase with Clear PET+

"The prints come out looking almost indistinguishable from PLA except far stronger"

-Nick F.

Printed robot in White PET+

Technical Data

PET+ Datasheet: View PET+ Technical Data
Printer Settings: View PET+ Printer Settings