CastSolid Resin

  • Size: 1 Liter ($275), 500ml ($150), 250ml ($89)

    CastSolid is back and better than ever with improved detail and reliability from 25 µm to 100 µm. There is little thermal expansion during the heating phase. Shrinking is minimal from printing and post-curing until burnout. CastSolid is our replacement for our popular FireCast casting resin.

    Less cleanup! Prints burn out clean with little to no ash. The resin is less viscous than most resins and is easier to clean out from vats and off prints. CastSolid is ideal for anyone who wants to change their printer to allow for casting parts.

  • Easy To Work With
    Lower viscosity allows for easier handling and cleaning of your prints

    No Ash
    Formulated to leave no ash or residue after burnout

    Printer Compatibility
    Compatible with a variety of SLA/DLP Printers, including Form1, Spark, LittleRP, B9 Creator, Kudo (without teflon coating), and Asiga.

    Optimized for Kerr Satin Cast 20
    We have optimized our formulation for Kerr Satin Cast 20 and Kerr’s casting schedule, however, our formulation is flexible so that it can be burned out with most jeweler’s current heat schedules.

  • Printing and Burnout Tips
    Be sure prints are fully cleaned in IPA and post-cured with UV light (Cleaning Tips)

    If your print feels soft or spongy, expose the print to more UV light to harden it. Please follow the heat schedule recommended by your investment. Incorrect heat schedule can expand and may damage your final product.

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